"I have written some songs, but I would really call what I’ve done poetry at the end of the day, because I’ll sit with my guitar for hours and hours on end for, like, a week and then I won’t touch it for a month. I also just have no confidence. And you know what? I don’t have time, because I’d rather be doing other things, like knitting."

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Direwolves or Dragons? (x)

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You’re scaring me.

I’m getting you out of here.
-That’s impossible.
Not if you designed the place, it isn’t.
PRISON BREAK, 1.01 Pilot (aired August 29th, 2005)
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Make me choose


Send me two characters/shows/places/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

You were my new dream. And you were mine.



There are two sides to every story.


Rumple 100000% done with everyone’s shit

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get to know me meme [1/5] favorite actresses: Amanda Seyfried.

"People are made up of flaws."

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